CROP is a seawater desalination plant located along the Corniche Road in Al Shati District, Jeddah. The plant contains a refuse tank, electricity and control rooms, two water tanks with 2,000m3 capacity, a powerhouse, water storage stations, and a security room. The desalination plant is operated on a 24/7 basis.

Treatment Technology

Works on both microfiltration system and reverse osmosis membranes.

Control and Monitoring Technology

PLC System with SCADA.

Capacity and Product Water Quality

4,500m3/day supply of potable water for both domestic and industrial use.

RO System Configuration

The desalination system is a raw seawater intake system consisting of 5 beach wells; and the SWRO system consists of 3 operating units, each containing 18 pressure vessels of 6 elements, a chemical dosage system and a control room.

Water Distribution System

It delivers water to the consumers in the required quantity and under a satisfactory pressure. Water distribution made through either food grade tankers SS316L or by the pipelines.

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