SAWACO North Obhur plant is the first private commercial desalination plant to have received a certificate from the Meteorological & Environmental Protection Agency (MEPA)-Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia for being environmentally friendly.

SAWACO worked with international consultant Dames & Moore to provide MEPA with a complete model about the effect of dumping brine back into the sea.

SAWACO North Obhur plant is located on the Red Sea. This sea is renowned for its beautiful but fragile coral formations. The coral constitute the natural habitat and feeding medium for thousands of marine species in the Red Sea.

We are proud at SAWACO to have protected the marine habitat even in the heart of the brine dumping zone (better known scientifically as the Mixing Zone).
SAWACO sends, periodically, divers to inspect Marine life in and around the Mixing Zone.

SAWACO is documenting photographic evidence of marine habitats in and around its Mixing Zone year after year.

We are proud to state that there are certain coral species -soft coral- that are almost extinct along Jeddah's shores and can be found in and around our Mixing Zone .
In 2018, SAWACO confirmed again, its Environmental Commitment by sending divers to inspect the marine life in and around the mixing zone in red sea at North obhur.
Recent diving was made in 2018.

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