SAWACO IT Infrastructure

SAWACO Management is continuously striving for innovation of the IT infrastructure with the most advanced information technology applications. IT Infrastructure is supported by an integrated Data center in SAWACO headquarters. IT Infrastructure is capable to support operations 24/7 with the backing of its highly qualified and dedicated team comprising IT Support, Developers and Designers

IT department provides all modern communication tools to SAWACO employees, customers and suppliers without compromising security. SAWACO is connected online with its branches with cost effective latest VPN Technology and information is regularly updated between headquarter and branches.

SAWACO is providing virtualizes of its corporate intranet facility for its key users to monitor and analyze the information at any time. SAWACO provides Portal Service to its employees and customers to view their corresponding information

SAWACO adopted Microsoft Dynamics ERP system which is integrated with SAWACO's own developed software for Production and Distribution System (PDS). This customized application (PDS) supports and controls the complete operation of distribution and production systems. PDS is updated timely as and when required. SAWACO is capable of sending updated information by email and SMS to its valued customers whenever needed

SAWACO introduced recently the e-commerce platform through which customers can order and pay online for their water needs. On acceptance of order and payment, customer will get SMS and email alerts stating the schedule of deliveries prepared by highly motivated Sales & Distribution team. SAWACO always updates its web site with latest news and contents

All SAWACO Operations are integrated through one integrated IT system including ISO QMS System. SAWACO always scouts for better innovative IT solutions to facilitate operations and achieve cost efficiency

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