O & M of RO Plants

Operation and Maintenance

SAWACO operates and maintains its own desalination plants as well as, third-party desalination plants. For this purpose, the company trains engineers, operators and technicians in different fields to capably assume these tasks. SAWACO operation and maintenance(O&M) teams possess the required skills in mechanical, electrical, chemical and instrumentation fields which enable them to perform their duties in the best possible manner. After having built a unique and solid track record in operating and maintaining its own RO plants, SAWACO received several requests from private RO plant owners and operators to extend O&M services to their plants.

SAWACO adopts two models of O&M for RO plants:

1. Total Solution Model: in which SAWACO takes over the entire operation and maintenance of the plant and controls all the technical, financial and managerial aspects of production, including:

     i. Technical supervision

    ii. Manpower

   iii. Chemicals

   iv. Spare parts

    v. Membrane replacement and cleaning

  vi. Equipment repair and/or replacement

 vii. Electricity


The client pays an all-inclusive fee either monthly or per cubic meter produced, subject to a minimum off-take quantity.

SAWACO applied this model for its 10-year TOT (Transfer-Operate-Transfer) concession with the Cornice Rosewood Hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and its 5-year TOT concession with Rabya Landscaping.

2. Regular Solution Model: whereby SAWACO runs and maintains the plant including the provision of:

    i. Technical Supervision

   ii. Manpower

 iii. Chemicals

But excluding the following:

    i. Spare parts

  ii. Membrane replacement and cleaning

 iii. Equipment repair and/or replacement

 iv. Electricity

The excluded items will be priced and charged outside the O&M agreement when requested. Currently,SAWACO operates and maintains several third-party RO plants ranging from 25m3/day till 2000 m3/day in KSA.

For more information, please send your inquiry to info@sawaco.com For more information about how we can help you with the O&M of your desalination plant, please visit the link O&M of RO Plants. :

For more information, please send your inquiry to info@sawaco.com

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