SAWACO Business Models

SAWACO primary goal is to provide clean, potable water for different applications and uses including residential, commercial and industrial.

This goal is complemented by the proposals and solutions for the provision of the kind of water our Clients seek.

Water is either produced from seawater desalination or by treating brackish water. There is also the environment-friendly solution of recycling water.

For these purposes, SAWACO entered into strong alliances with reputed international engineering and manufacturing entities. These alliances combined with its home-grown expertise and technical capabilities enable SAWACO to find the right technical solutions to its Clients when it comes to solving their water needs.

SAWACO adopts currently three basic business models to satisfy its Clients water needs:

1. Conventional Model: SAWACO produces water in quantity and quality as required by Customers and delivers it to  their premises. Customers may also off-take the water by their own trucks (ex-works).

2. O&M Model: The Customer builds his own water desalination plant and asks SAWACO’s O&M Team  to produce water and maintain the plant against a monthly fixed fee or per cubic meter produced.

3. BOT/BOO Model: SAWACO would invest in designing, constructing, installing and running water treatment plants on Customers’ premises and charges only for water consumed by the Customers. The typical term of 10 years is the norm and the Client has the option of either taking over the plant at the end of this term (BOT) or asking SAWACO to remove the plant (BOO). Shorter terms are negotiable. In this model, there will be a minimum off-take quantity that the Customers are obliged to pay for whether they use it or not.This model applies to both desalination and recycling plants.


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