Since water is a very valuable resource which people mainly depend on, part of SAWACO commitments to the communities in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East region is to raise awareness about water and its proper and wise usage. SAWACO relentlessly operates and produces water in one of the driest regions of the world, utilizing up to date technologies in the field. SAWACO welcomes the visits conducted by schools, universities, social clubs, and other companies and groups of individuals who are wishing to know more about SAWACO endeavors in water desalination and how it transforms seawater into fresh and healthy potable water.

SAWACO Plant prides itself on being the first private commercial desalination plant to be successfully certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and The Ministry of Defense of Saudi Arabia, according to the international standards for friendly environmental management.

SAWACO always maintains in all its plants up to date environmental certificates issued by the concerned authorities. Sawaco studies continuously the effect of dumping brine back to the sea.

SAWACO partnered with world technology leaders to reduce the quality of the brine returned to the sea, achieving minimum liquid discharge (MLD).

SAWACO Plants located on the Red Sea. The Red Sea is generally renowned for its beautiful coral reef which forms the natural habitat and feeding medium for thousands of marine species.

SAWACO is proud of being a vital protector to marine habitat found in the heart of the brine dumping zone (known scientifically as Mixing Zone). SAWACO supplies expert divers in a periodical manner, to monitor the marine life in and around the Mixing Zone. Mixing zone, is the area where brine water discharge mixes and diffuses in the sea.

SAWACO is photographically documenting the life of marine habitat in and around the Mixing Zone on an annual basis. It is proud to discover many extinct coral species along Jeddah shore, specifically in and around the Mixing Zone.



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