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AmCham Saudi Arabia launches green business initiative

The American Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia, or AmCham Saudi Arabia, launched a new committee on Monday to help companies meet their environmental and social responsibility goals.

The ESG, or Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance, committee was launched at the Jeddah Hilton Hotel.

Several leading diplomats, academics and business officials took part in a panel discussion to discuss ESG strategies, plans and reporting.

Julie LeBlanc, US commercial consul for the western region, said American businesses were committed to support the Kingdom’s plans on this front.

“Major US companies, which are leaders in ESG participated in the panel event including PepsiCo, UL, and AspenTech to discuss innovations and best practices in ESG. The United States is committed to supporting the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goal to diversify its economy,” she said.

The panel was moderated by Nizar Kammourie, CEO of SAWACO Water Desalination, who said the ESG committee would help raise awareness in the business sector on the need for firms to operate in a socially responsible manner.

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SAWACO in Formula1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021

SAWACO in Formula1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2021

SAWACO was selected by the Dutch company MTD to provide WHO-compliant  potable water for their installed facilities within Jeddah Formula 1 venue .

During the 3-day event of Jeddah Formula 1 event , fans have as well enjoyed music and songs of global artists and singers including Jason Derulo, David Guetta, Justin Bieber, and Amr Diab.

SAWACO’s potable water was delivered for the following MTD ‘ installed facilities :

•             40 restroom containers

•            Celebrity cabins

•            F&B kitchens and sinks

•            Medical post inside the venue

•            500m3 fresh water buffer flexible tanks

SAWACO has deployed its expertise and knowledge in collaboration with MTD to make the event a real success.

SAWACO team is all set to collaborate with MTD in the upcoming Formula 1 events in Jeddah.

Sawaco – Store City Plant

Sawaco – Store City Plant

SAWACO established a desalination plant in Store City area (Al Khumra, Jeddah) with capacity of 5,000 m³/d as part of its commitment to tackle water shortages in store city area.  This BOO (Build Own & Operate) plant is built on the land owned by Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JCCI).

Distribution of water from Store City plant is currently by trucks and construction of a comprehensive pipe line network is in progress and expected to be completed by Q4 2021.  This pipeline network will be connected to all tenants in the store city that will ensure uninterrupted water supply for all tenants in this industrial area.

Sawaco and Gradiant

Sawaco and Gradiant deploy environmentally friendly high recovery desalination technology (CFRO)

Sawaco procured world’s first seawater CFRO (Counter-Flow Reverse Osmosis) plant from Gradiant Corporation, an award-winning innovative water treatment solutions provider to increase the efficiency of SAWACO’s existing seawater desalination plants.  

Gradiant’s CFRO process is an innovative method designed to address the inherent challenges that limit the water recovery rate of conventional seawater RO. The CFRO process will deliver the additional fresh water without increasing the seawater inlet, brine outfall, or pre-treatment system.  CRFO, an environmentally friendly high recovery desalination technology will successfully meet high quality water, efficiency, cost effective and better energy consumption.

Rabigh -3 IWP

Rabigh -3 IWP

SAWACO is co-developing one of the world’s largest SWROs (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis) plant with a capacity of 600,000 m3/day in association with Acwapower at Rabigh, 150 km away North of Jeddah.
This prestigious 25 years BOO (Build, Own & Operate) basis project is under progress and expected to commence operation by 31 December, 2021.
Innovative design of this plant ensures highest efficiency and reliability. The water output will cater to the water demand of two major cities of Western Region of Kingdom, Jeddah and Makkah al-Mukarramah. This will ensure consistent, reliable and steady water supply to the citizens of the two cities and villages, especially during peak periods.
This project marks a shift in Sawaco’s activities in the field of desalination as it ventures into the regulated IWP (Independent Water Project) sector.

Safety Award Presentation

Feb. 29,2016 - North Obhur , Jeddah-Safety Award Presentation.


In line with improving and motivating safety among SAWACO Employees, HSE department identified 2 employees from SAWACO North Obhur Plant as "Best Safety Promoters" .


Mr.Nizar Kammourie , General Manager of SAWACO Water Desalination , awarded certificate and gifts to the selected "Best Safety Promoters" and appreciated their commitment to follow the safety rules and to be model for other employees.


June 22, 2016 – Saudi ARAMCO Jeddah Training Center - ECO Team visited SAWACO North Obhur Plant.


As part of Saudi Aramco Jeddah Training Center - ECO Team "Water Conservation Campaign" summer Program, students and scholars visited SAWACO  North Obhur Plant.
SAWACO  Engineers explained to the visitors the  importance of Water Conservation, starting  with scarcity of water in Saudi Arabia  and the difficulty that is  faced to produce fresh water for potable use  and the amount of electricity consumed   to produce fresh water.

Finally, the students ended  their visit by a tour inside the plant to witness firsthand  the whole process of  desalination.

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