SAWACO was selected by the Dutch company MTD to provide WHO-compliant  potable water for their installed facilities within Jeddah Formula 1 venue .

During the 3-day event of Jeddah Formula 1 event , fans have as well enjoyed music and songs of global artists and singers including Jason Derulo, David Guetta, Justin Bieber, and Amr Diab.

SAWACO’s potable water was delivered for the following MTD ‘ installed facilities :

•             40 restroom containers

•            Celebrity cabins

•            F&B kitchens and sinks

•            Medical post inside the venue

•            500m3 fresh water buffer flexible tanks

SAWACO has deployed its expertise and knowledge in collaboration with MTD to make the event a real success.

SAWACO team is all set to collaborate with MTD in the upcoming Formula 1 events in Jeddah.

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