Lab/Quality Control ,SAWACO LABORATORIES : Where the heart of Sawaco is.

The high quality of our product is what our customers rely on, while the solid dedication of our quality control department in checking every parameter ensures that every detail and aspect of our products conform to the best international water standards like WHO , SASO and in compliance with HACCP guidelines.

The quality of each and every batch of water produced and every shipment leaving our desalination plants to our customers'premises is checked against world standards as well as against our customers’ specific standards.

Morethan 40 different daily tests are carried out on water produced at SAWACO desalination plants and throughout the production processes. In addition to its own local tests, SAWACO water is tested daily by at least 60 institutional customers (factories, hospitals, complexes, hotels, etc.).

The SAWACO water is also tested by laboratories outside the borders of the Kingdom, including National Testing Laboratories Ltd in Cleveland, Ohio, US, Spectrum Laboratory in the US, Severn Trent Laboratories inthe UK.

In 2018, SAWACO introduced to its labs in KSA the latest microbiological digital testing equipment by TECTA, manufactured in Canada.

TECTA Microbiological testing machines ensure faster processing of the microbial tests while ensuring minimal human intervention in the test procedure.

SAWACO Quality Control Department issues and conducts:

•    Daily water analysis reports that includes TDS, pH, iron, chlorine, nitrates and others
•    Silt Density Index (SDI) regular monitoring test report
•    Conductivity Profiling for all skids
•    Weekly microbiological test
•    Weekly microbiological test of delivery trucks
•    Weekly Visual and Micro Test of concrete tanks
•    Looks intocustomer complaints

Our main laboratory which is located within SAWACO-North Obhur premises is capable of conducting most  types of laboratory tests thanks to advanced and sophisticated instruments of water analysis. Each SAWACO site has a separate lab of its own.

SAWACO conducts different laboratory analysis services, including physical, chemical and microbiological tests for companies and individuals wishing to ensure the quality of their water.

SAWACO is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated laboratory equipment made by the world’s leading companies in the field. The lab equipment consists of, but isn’t limited to, the following:

•    Portable pH and temperature meter
•    Portable oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) meter
•    Portable turbidity meter
•    Analytical balance
•    Hot plate
•    Incubator
•    Silt Density Index(SDI) set
•    Oven
•    Spectrophotometer
•    Dissolved oxygen test kit
•    Total chlorine test kit
•    Free chlorine test kit
•    Dissolved iron test kit
•    Silt Density Index (SDI) meter
•    Portable Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter
•    TECTA

SAWACO’s laboratory is operated by well-trained and experienced staff.

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