Water Transportation

SAWACO outsources all its mobile water transportation services to its subsidiary company - SBTCO. 

SBTCO offers its services exclusively for water transportation in KSA in general & western region of KSA in particular. Its fleet currently consists of over 100 new tractor heads and trailers from the 3 finest & most reputable manufacturers.


  • MAN

SBTCO prides itself for being the only company in KSA and Middle East to engage stainless Steel Grade 316L trailers in transporting water. The aim is to deliver water to customers in the best preserved manner. SBTCO operate its above 100 strong fleet around the clock, its fleet service more than 10000 Customers Comprising:

  • - Hotels
  • - Industrial Institution
  • - Hospitals
  • - Pharmaceutical
  • - Resorts
  • - Private Compounds
  • - Private Villas
  • - Farms
  • - Restaurants
  • - Schools
  • - Embassies Etc.


SBTCO operations are electronically controlled by state-of -the- art computer system that evaluate and analysis all operation stages. It has amassed valuable expertise that enables it to take the challenging water transportation contracts. In addition it is confident enough to offer O & M for third party fleet and consultancy services for fleet operation and Management.

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